Pledge to be launched so people can make a stand against bullying

pledgeStanhope Garden’s Terrisa and Brett Murray are encouraging everyone to sign their Make Bullying History Foundation pledge in a bid to stand against bullying and violence.

The pledge, which encapsulates all forms of bullying including domestic abuse, will officially be launched on Saturday at Castle Hill’s Orange Blossom Festival and will finish it’s journey on March 17, 2017 at the inaugural Make Bullying History Gala Function.

“The pledges will be placed in public areas such as council chambers and cafes, as well as travelling around Australia to schools and organisations for signing during and after anti-bullying seminars delivered by the Foundation,’’ Mrs Murray said.

“All of the pledges collected across Australia with their signatures will be displayed on the night of the gala function where supporters of this ‘A’ list event can pose for photos and share on their social media accounts, along with all of the Make Bullying History social media accounts, that they Pledge to Stand against Bullying and Violence.

Make Bullying History Foundation and their Domestic Abuse initiative — Safeheart, have had a direct impact on more than 600,000 students, teachers and parents over the last 15 years across Australia and New Zealand.

“This initiative is a call to action to engage the community, that together we can make bullying and violence history.”

People are being encouraged to use the hash tag #NOTONMYWATCH as a bold statement symbolising their support and will motivate them to be proactive in their communities to help make them safer for everyone.

“Bullying and domestic abuse is long term, negative, destructive behaviour,’’ Mr Murray said.

“To stop it takes a long term disciplined effort.

“That’s why Make Bullying History Foundation are launching the pledge on a long term disciplined journey.”

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