Students learn to stand firm against bullies | photos

STUDENTS at Catholic College Wodonga left the school hall feeling emp- owered and inspired to end bullying yesterday.

Every seat in the auditorium was taken as youngsters listened, laughed and learnt from anti-bullying activist Brett Murray.

Motivated by his own experiences in high school where he was bullied, beaten and teased, Mr Murray said he hoped to end the problem so students didn’t have to endure what he went through.

“Are you a bystander, or do you stand by someone who is being bullied and stand up for them,” Mr Murray asked.

It was evident his message had made an impact when students broke out in applause at the end of the show.

After the cheering, clapping and whistling died down, student Emily Twycross, 15, said she left the hall with a new outlook on how to end a problem that had plagued so many schools.

“I learnt that our generation has the power to get rid of bullying if we stand up and stop it, rather than doing nothing,” she said.

“Brett was really helpful with ways we can help our friends.”

Another student, Lily Allan, said she thought the presentation would make an impact next time someone thought about bullying.

“I liked his message about girls being valued and boys having honour,” she said.

The session at the college was one of four held during Mr Murray’s visit to Albury.

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